Magical Squares Calculator

Magical Squares Calculator

Ancient people were amazed by the numbers wonders, they put it in tables then by some mathematical calculations they found a way to get the same total value whatever the direction (vertical, horizental or diagonal) , these equal dimension tables are called "Magical Squares". they thought that these tables of wonder have magical powers and can affect the person's life only if they accompanied with astrology and supernatural beings or dominated entities. and to do so, something has to be made to attract these entities, and magical sqaures can do, and to target something they convert sacred phrases or name of subject (person) to numbers by using mapping tables which assign each letter in alphabet to a number or value. These days we can program magical squares algorithms in computers so we can reach more numerical wonders with high orders or dimensions.


This calcualtor was built only for knowledge and research purposes and it is not intended to be accompanied with any pratices or rituals of the black magic.

Name/Phrase/Sacred Text or Number

Calculator Features

- Building of magical square (Wafq in Arabic) based on number value of the input text.

- Orders/Dimensions can range between 3x3 and 20x20

- Support of Arabic, Hebrew and Latin letters.

- Calculations and Sourcery/Astrology details.

- Developed By : Kamal Ghazal